[Mailman-Users] Formatted email

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Thu Jun 28 22:30:21 CEST 2007

Chuck Puckett wrote:

>When I send a message to my Mailman lists (for which I'm a member), I get
>the original formatted message. (I put pictures and dress it up: it's
>announcing theatre events, good to spice it up).
>Some (all?) of my membership apparently have the formatting stripped, and
>just get plain text. Does mailman strip formatting? If so, why does it
>appear formatted to me?

There are two possibilities. Posibility one is you are looking at your
sent message or a Cc: or Bcc: that you sent to yourself.

Possibility two is that the list is actually sending the post out as
received from you, but it is multipart/alternative with a text/plain
part and a text/html part and those users who don't see the formatting
have their MUAs set to display the text/plain alternative or have MUAs
that don't recognize MIME email.

>And can I let the formatting pass on through? I see
>no obvious properties that seem to control this ("plain" on the Membership
>Management refers to a digest, which is not what I'm intending, nor wish to
>have used in that manner).

The controls are under Content filtering (Is that not obvious?). The
simplest thing, especially if this is an announce list and you do all
the posting, is to set filter_content to No. Then Mailman will send
the post as received with only the possible addition of msg_header and
msg_footer if any.

If your list is already set this way, then the issue is probably
possibility two above.

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