[Mailman-Users] Making list owner (listname-owner) appear in ReturnPath

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Fri Jun 29 21:43:18 CEST 2007

D G Teed wrote:
>I think my answer is to edit SMTPDirect.py to set the
>Sender and Return Path, but I'm not sure what variable
>I need to use there.  Is 'mlist.owner[:]' what I'll need?
>I'd want the specific list owner, not the site mailman owner.

What you need is mlist.GetOwnerEmail() which will get the
list-owner at example.com address.

You don't want mlist.owner[:] because that is a list and you can't have
a list of addresses as the SMTP MAIL FROM address (envelope sender).

Any mail returned to the list-owner at example.com address gets delivered
to the owner(s) and moderator(s).

>None of these are publicly subscribe-able lists, so the features
>of bounce processing are not valuable to us.

There are lots of reasons why addresses on even non-public lists become
undeliverable, but presumably, you are willing to deal with these

If I understand what you want, you can accomplish it by finding the code

    # Calculate the non-VERP envelope sender.
    envsender = msgdata.get('envsender')
    if envsender is None:
        if mlist:
            envsender = mlist.GetBouncesEmail()
            envsender = Utils.get_site_email(extra='bounces')

at the beginning of process() in SMTPDirect.py and changing it to

    # Calculate the non-VERP envelope sender.
    if mlist:
        envsender = mlist.GetOwnerEmail()
        envsender = Utils.get_site_email(extra='owner')

The else: clause comes into play for messages that don't come from a
list, e.g. monthly password reminders.

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