[Mailman-Users] specific (1) LHS and (2) sender rules tofrustrate spam/phishing

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Fri Jun 29 22:35:51 CEST 2007

Rich Kulawiec wrote:
>So let me modify these as follows and see if this is any better:
>> (1) LHS (left-hand-side) rules
>Present to list-owner for disposition as done today, but mark it
>prominently as "noreply address, almost certainly a forgery".
>> (2) sender rules
>Present to list-owner for disposition as done today, but mark it
>prominently as "probable phish".
>Granted, in both cases, the message still has be to processed, but
>perhaps marking it (both on the "Subject" line and inside the
>message body) will make it easier/faster for list-owners to deal with.

Referring back to your original idea where you wanted the messages
refused at SMTP time, it seems that what you really want is for
messages that match your rules to be discarded. You can use
header_filter_rules for this, but maintaining them would be a pain.

If I were trying to do it, I would use the KNOWN_SPAMMERS list in
mm_cfg.py. For example just listing a few of yours

('from', '^(.*[\s<])?do-not-reply@'),
('from', '^(.*[\s<])?acc-overview at paypal.com([\s>].*)?'),

This list applies installation wide and will discard any message to a
list or list-owner address that contains a matching header.

The entries are 2-tuples ('a', 'b') where a is the case-insensitive
name of a header and b is a Python regexp to match case-insensitively
against the values of all headers of that type in the message.

This doesn't address mail to the other (e.g., -request or -bounces)
list addresses, but it's a start, and using KNOWN_SPAMMERS frees you
from maintaining rules per list.

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