[Mailman-Users] reset bounce score?

IEM - network operating center noc at iem.at
Thu Mar 1 11:22:09 CET 2007


i have recently upgraded my mailman from 2.1.5-8sarge5 -> 1:2.1.9-5 (i
am on debian-sarge/etch migration)

since then a lot of subscribers to my list are unsubscribed due to bounces.

this made me a bit confused and so i investigated the databases with dumpdb.
this is an excerpt of the bounce information:
        current score: 4.0
        last bounce date: (2005, 8, 10)
        email notices left: 3
        last notice date: (1970, 1, 2)
        confirmation cookie: None

since this seems to be outdated, i would like to ask whether there is a
possibility to reset the bounce status for a member (or all) to "nothing".

i guess this can be done with "withlist", but before i start learning
withlist again, i'd like to ask if somebody has a ready to use solution
at hand and is willing to share.


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