[Mailman-Users] mailman-bounces at wrong.domain

Curt Siffert siffert at museworld.com
Thu Mar 1 22:53:24 CET 2007

Hi, I'm experiencing a strange problem.

I have mailman set up with sendmail, recent versions.

I have the mailman list set up on my server's base domain.
I have another list ("muse") set up on a virtual host.
I have the add_virtualhost('virtdomain.com', 'virtdomain.com') added  
to mm_cfg.py
I have the appropriate aliases added to /etc/mail/aliases
And I also have the appropriate entries added to virtusertable
	(for instance, mailman-bounces at rootdomain.com goes to mailman-bounces,
	and muse-bounces at virtdomain.com goes to muse-bounces)

But now, when I try to send messages to muse-bounces at virtdomain.com ,  
I get
an error message in my smtp-failure file that says it couldn't send to
muse-bounces at rootdomain.com

Why is it trying to send to muse-bounces at rootdomain.com ?

I don't know if I'm actually supposed to receive muse-bounces emails  
under normal
circumstances, but the bigger problem is that I get the exact same  
error message
in the logs when someone subscribes to my list and the system  
attempts to inform
me (as I have admin_notify_mchanges turned on).  I don't get informed  
of new

Everything else works fine.  Messages go to the list fine.  When I  
subscribe or
unsubscribe, I get informed via email.  When I switch the list to  
require approval
instead of confirmation, I do get notices of someone asking to  
subscribe.  I get
informed of a message held for moderation.

Can someone fill me in on what might be happening here?  I actually
thought I had this working a few days ago - maybe some list setting has
messed this up?

Here's the error message

Mar 01 13:06:07 2007 (5334) SMTP session failure: 553, 5.3.0 <mailman- 
bounces at virtdomain.com>... User unknown, msgid: <mailman. 
5.1172783167.85775.muse at virtdomain.com>


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