[Mailman-Users] mailman-bounces at wrong.domain

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Thu Mar 1 23:27:25 CET 2007

Curt Siffert <siffert at museworld.com> wrote:
>But now, when I try to send messages to muse-bounces at virtdomain.com ,  
>I get
>an error message in my smtp-failure file that says it couldn't send to
>muse-bounces at rootdomain.com

Why are you trying to send mail to muse-bounces at virtdomain.com? That
address should only be receiving bounces of mail sent from the
muse at virtdomain.com list.

>Why is it trying to send to muse-bounces at rootdomain.com ?

It's not. See below.

>I don't know if I'm actually supposed to receive muse-bounces emails  
>under normal
>circumstances, but the bigger problem is that I get the exact same  
>error message
>in the logs when someone subscribes to my list and the system  
>attempts to inform
>me (as I have admin_notify_mchanges turned on).  I don't get informed  
>of new
>Everything else works fine.  Messages go to the list fine.  When I  
>subscribe or
>unsubscribe, I get informed via email.  When I switch the list to  
>require approval
>instead of confirmation, I do get notices of someone asking to  
>subscribe.  I get
>informed of a message held for moderation.
>Can someone fill me in on what might be happening here?  I actually
>thought I had this working a few days ago - maybe some list setting has
>messed this up?
>Here's the error message
>Mar 01 13:06:07 2007 (5334) SMTP session failure: 553, 5.3.0 <mailman- 
>bounces at virtdomain.com>... User unknown, msgid: <mailman. 
>5.1172783167.85775.muse at virtdomain.com>

This message says a mailman crafted message of some sort processed by
the muse at virtdomain.com list (I get that from the msgid) was rejected
by the outgoing MTA. In this case, I believe that
mailman-bounces at virtdomain.com is the envelope sender (not the
recipient) of the message (probably a forward to the list owner of an
unrecognized bounce, but that is just a guess based on your saying you
mailed to muse-bounces), and the outgoing MTA is rejecting the message
because it doesn't accept MAIL FROM mailman-bounces at virtdomain.com.
The sendmail maillog may have more information.

The underlying issue is the site list bounces address is used as the
envelope sender of various messages that otherwise might result in
loops if they were sent from the listname-bounces address and bounced.
When this is done, the domain of the list is used as the domain of the
sitelist-bounces address (probably wrong, but it is).

The bottom line is the sitelist at virtdomain address should be
deliverable if only because that's the address on the listinfo
overview web page for the domain for the "If you are having trouble
using the lists, please contact" link.

Also, sitelist-bounces at virtdoman has to be acceptable as an envelope
sender to the outgoing MTA.
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