[Mailman-Users] duplicate subscription problem

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Fri Mar 2 22:21:37 CET 2007

Gary Casterline wrote:
> # ../../bin/dumpdb config.pck | grep -i sudden
>      'fireworn at suddenlink.net': 'en',

>      'fireworn at Suddenlink.net': 0,
bogus entry in members list.

>      'fireworn at suddenlink.net': 0,

>      'fireworn at suddenlink.net': 'xxxxxxxxx',

>      'fireworn at suddenlink.net': 264,

>I think if I could clean up that line with fireworn at Suddenlink.net
>from the config.pck file, I'd be ok.  Is there a procedure
>for editing a config.pck file?

I don't know how the bogus entry got in the members dictionary, but it
is definitely bogus. These entries MUST have an all lower case address
as the key, and if the value is zero as here, that is also the
case-preserved address. Otherwise the value is the case-preserved

You get rid of the bogus entry with bin/withlist.

bin/withlist -l listname
Loading list listname (locked)
The variable `m' is the listname MailList instance
>>> del m.members['fireworn at Suddenlink.net']
>>> m.Save()
Unlocking (but not saving) list: list1

>>> is the Python prompt. You type the indicated things on those lines. The last entry is a control-D (end of file). Be sure to type the address with the capital 'S' or you'll make things worse, and don't forget the m.Save().

I agree that this will fix your problem.

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