[Mailman-Users] setting nomail from command line?

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Fri Mar 2 23:39:08 CET 2007

Chad Day wrote:

>I can't seem to find this, when I search for nomail via the searchable
>archives it's returning me an error page.  So here I am.

The search at <http://www.mail-archive.com/mailman-users%40python.org/>
appears to be broken. This was mentioned a while back on this list. I
don't know if it is 'still broken' or 'broken again' because I don't
use it. I use google with 'site:mail.python.org' and
'inurl:mailman-users' to search the archives of this list (see
which recommends a slightly different search tag that also works).

>I want to be able to add members and set their nomail flag on from the
>command line .. adding the member, yeah, no problem.  But there's no
>nomail option that I see in the help text for the script, and I can't
>seem to find another way of changing this from the command line, only a
>web interface.

See the set_nomail.py withlist script at
<http://veenet.value.net/~msapiro/scripts/> (mirror

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