[Mailman-Users] Issue with mailman recieving posts

Mitchell, Michael mmitchell at wsi.com
Sat Mar 3 15:20:44 CET 2007

Hi we just migrated to a new server and moved the mailman lists over as described in the FAQ.  I am not the one who originally set it up and have never worked with mailman and sendmail before this.  Originally all the mails to the lists were being bounced by sendmail, that I solved through the FAQ also but now they seem to arrive in the queue but go no where.  If it was posting the messages to the lists then I would suspect something wrong with sendmail but that is not the issue.  The alias files are all accurate and I can see them being referenced but no posting.  Upon switching back to the old server all the emails that had been sent made it out by way of the *-bounce (media-all-bounce at nuttfield.wsicorp.com).  This has confused me and I am not sure where to go from here, I would greatly appriciate a nudge in the right direction.

Thank you,
Michael Mitchell

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