[Mailman-Users] One subscribe to multiple lists or equivalent?

Steve McInerney steve at stedee.id.au
Mon Mar 5 00:53:00 CET 2007


Trying to discover a method for having a single user subscribe to multiple
lists, once. One sole confirm message, not one per list.


Am thinking that a single list with judicious use of topics may also work.
The problem then becomes one of having a front end form that allows a
selection of topics within the subscription page.

The idea being to avoid users (who are extremely non-technical) from
having to subscribe, confirm, visit this page, select these things etc.

Single form: Fill in, submit, confirm email, all done: is the desired

Is such possible? Can anyone give some pointers on how we could do such a

We're looking at having a front end form that will capture the requests to
a text file for latter processing into various topics. As this for
announce only capability, a small delay is not too unacceptable.


- Steve

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