[Mailman-Users] Getting users off old listserv

Dave Foran dave at hamnet.org
Tue Mar 6 16:49:29 CET 2007

If I may, I moved 6 lists off Smartlist to Mailman, and no one knew the

(one list has 4600+ members)

I copied the dlist and did a mass subscription and flagged the system to not
invite and no notice and vola done

Painless yes..


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heathcliff writes:

 > We are all set to migrate our user community to Mailman, but we are  > at
an impasse as to the most painless way to do this.  It is not  > enough to
just inform them of the cut off date and send them a few  > lines of
instructions or guides ahead of time.  Has anyone come  > across or devised
a painless way to wean them off of the old  > listserv?  I have been
checking around in the archives, but to no  > avail.

Er, what do you mean by "user community"?  The subscribers, or the list
admins?  And what do you mean by "pain"?

It should be transparent to the subscribers, until they want to unsubscribe.

For the list admins, they need to know how to print out a list of
subscriptions from the old listserv in the form:

"Full Name" <box at postoffice.tld>

and paste them into the mass subscription window in the subscriber
maintenance form in the Mailman admin interface.  The Mailman side is almost
trivial unless you've got hundreds of subscribers or scores of lists.

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