[Mailman-Users] Nomail members

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Fri Mar 9 02:55:21 CET 2007

Paul Tomblin wrote:

>Quoting Mark Sapiro (msapiro at value.net):
>> I'm not sure that treating a bounce of a password reminder as an
>> immediate disable for bounce is a good idea. It is after all, just one
>> bounce. If you don't disable members for bounce after one single post
>> bounces, It probably isn't a good idea to do it for password reminders
>> either.
>The problem is that the bounce thresholds are set for the people who get
>mail every mail.  The nomail members only get mail once a month, so
>they'll never be removed.

I understand that that is the problem, but they'll never be removed
anyway because password reminders come from the site (mailman) list,
and any bounced password reminder is returned to mailman-bounces and
ignored since the user being reminded is not a member of the mailman

That being the case, my previous suggestion that you could list
delivery disabled members that have current bounce info with a
withlist or other script won't work either, because they won't have
any bounce info for a bounced password reminder.

Thus, I think I'm back to my other thought which is that in the short
term, the best you can do is arrange for mail to the mailman-bounces
address to be seen by a human.

In the longer term (Mailman 2.2) password reminders and the site list
are both going away.

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