[Mailman-Users] Nomail members

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Fri Mar 9 03:31:31 CET 2007

Paul Tomblin wrote:
>*All* password reminders are going away?  I'm kind of worried about that -
>I get enough emails from people who say "can you change my email address
>to foo at gmail", I'm pretty sure that without the monthly reminders I'd get
>three times as many.

User passwords are (finally) going to be encrypted, so there's no way
to send a reminder. The existing, on demand reminder will be replaced
by a reset function of some kind. See

My experience is that the users who take responsibility for themselves
will remember their passwords or figure out how to get a reset. The
others will ask the list owner even if they received a reminder

It would be interesting to keep track of requests from users for things
they can do for themselves to see if the frequency of requests is
greater towards the end of the month. I haven't done this, but I
suspect it's not.

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