[Mailman-Users] Slow delivery

Herman Privyhum privyhum at yahoo.com
Fri Mar 9 14:15:34 CET 2007

--- Brad Knowles <brad at shub-internet.org> wrote:

> I'm sorry.  I don't see how Phil's views from eight
> years ago on this subject are relevant to how 
> computer systems should be operated in 
> this modern world.

Thanks for the in-depth commentary.  

Here's the modern FAQ entry, FWIW: 


(The reasoning does not differ substantially from that
in Hazel's seven-year-old email.)

If disabling IDENT is so crucial, as both you and my
experience with a triflingly small list seem to argue,
it must be important to amend the Mailman-Exim Howto,

Found here: http://www.exim.org/howto/mailman21.html

Linked from here:


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