[Mailman-Users] shunt

Josh Greenberg josh at pha.jhu.edu
Fri Mar 9 17:49:17 CET 2007

Earlier today one of my users sent a message out to a list but it never 
got there. It took a long time to figure out what happened to this 
message but when we finally found it, it had been shunted. There was an 
entry in the mailman error log that read "Mar 09 11:26:51 2007 (9048) 
SHUNTING: 1173457464.059757+0856bb6e7edddefed75767308c85d69536288426" 
and we had to find this message in the /var/spool/mailman/shunt 
directory and release it. There were other messages in the error log 
surrounding this one about an "uncaught runner exception: unknown 
encoding:" and then it listed the subject of a message that had been 
posted previously to the list.

I'm completely unfamiliar with this shunting process and its kind of 
disturbing that mailman would quietly discard a perfectly good message 
that had been sent by an approved sender and not throw any errors except 
this cryptic line in the error log. I can't find any good documentation 
on shunting either. Can someone explain what happened here or point me 
to some docs that might help? Thanks.


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