[Mailman-Users] Gmail eats MM messages

Paul Tomblin ptomblin at xcski.com
Wed Mar 14 18:34:04 CET 2007

Quoting Ryan Steele (steele at agora-net.com):
> I have a user, foobar at gmail.com, who posts to a Mailman list hosted on 
> one of my servers.  According to my Exim and Mailman logs, it is 
> received by the MTA, passed on to Mailman, posted successfully, and sent 
> back out to all the recipients, including foobar at gmail.com.  However, 
> the email never shows up in foobar at gmail.com's inbox, spam folder, or 
> any other folder.  I went back to check the Exim log for failed or 
> delayed deliveries, only to find nothing (well, for foobar at gmail.com 
> anyways :-)

One of the "features" of gmail is that it doesn't show you the return of
mail that you sent to mailing list, only the one you sent (so without the
mailing list subject line prefix, headers, etc).  It's annoying as hell if
you ask me, but that's gmail for you.

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