[Mailman-Users] Umbrella lists.

Lech Karol Pawłaszek ike at kni.univ.szczecin.pl
Wed Mar 21 18:15:11 CET 2007


I have a problem with setting up an umberlla list. I know it is wrong 
and i should not use umbrella list, but (i think) i really have to. If 
anyone has any other solution to my problem - i'm listening.

I want to have "mutliple level" list. At the very moment my company uses 
"announce" list to announce important stuff. But we also have country 
announce lists - such as "announce.pl" or "announce.fi" and so on. 
Moreover - we have regional (or city) announce lists - such as 
"announce.szczecin" and "announce.warsaw" (sometimes i think those 
should have names like "announce.pl.szczecin").

Let sum it up:
   + announce.poland
     - announce.szczecin
     - announce.warsaw
   + announce.finland
     - announce.helsinki

What i would like is to have "true lists" only at the lowest level. But 
be able to accept incoming mail at the highest level and not to worry 
about accepting the same mail on the other lists (if it is not from my 
company domainname).

I've tried acceptable_aliases variable, but it doesn't work if the lower 
level lists doesn't have sender on a member list (which is ok). So i 
tried to use spam filters and header_filter_rules variable and set one 
rule matching "announce" at "announce.poland" level with action 
"accept", but when generic_nonmember_action variable is set to hold 
(members only list) - message still hits "on hold" queue, and when 
generic_action_variable is set to accept (anyone can send emails) 
messages pass through spam filters anyway. Is there any way to tell 
mailman to accept message matching header (like accept_these_nonmembers 
but looking at recepient address oslt) even if the list is "members only"?

Sorry for my English - i am not native speaker. Thanks in advance.

Kind regards,

Lech Karol Pawłaszek <ike>
"You will never see me fall from grace" [KoRn]

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