[Mailman-Users] Spam of sorts

Dave Foran dave at hamnet.org
Tue Mar 27 15:23:29 CEST 2007


You may recall over the weekend I was lamenting the fact that my lists are
getting spammed with with replies going back to somewhere (and being
determined as spam by some of the over zealous spam detectors).

So Paul Tomblin, suggested setting the system to discard the messages, and
for the most part that really did the trick..

Well, I am still getting some more, and I know why and hence this question
and comments

I used to run 3 of the lists on a separate RH 7.3 box that also hosted
another sub-domained system connecting via UUCP  Yep UUCP

And that system was getting some much  spam that I moved the mailling lists
to my main system and a new virtual hosted domain
And subsequently moved the offending spam related subdomained system to my
main system. (So that is has to macch a user name in liue of just passing
thru the system)  With me so far ??  I am not.

The lists that are getting the bogus messages have new domain names, but
spammers are sending spam to the lists using the old domain. And hence

The list name that I am tinkering with is rrdiana at railnet.org, but it used
to be rrdiana at nshore.org,  railnet.org and nshore.org are now virtual hosted
on my system.

So, is this "legal" in the sense of Mailman on the "General options page

host_name (general): Host name this list prefers for email.   Railnet.org

To also add  nshore.org  so that both valid domain names are there.

host_name (general): Host name this list prefers for email.  Railnet.org,

Rrdiana.railnet.org is valid,  but rrdiana.nshore.org is also valid to a
point, but.. ???



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