[Mailman-Users] global email address blocklist?

Ron Brogden rb at islandnet.com
Tue May 1 20:03:38 CEST 2007

Hello.  Like a good portion of the Internet, I am running into issues with  
AOL users hitting the "spam" button in their AOL email client for legitimate 
list traffic.  I am wanting to stop these users from re-subscribing to any 
lists but as far as I can tell, Mailman does not currently have a global 

Looking at the source, I see the following on line 394 of "MailList.py":

self.ban_list = []

I am wondering if a possible solution here would be to initialize this value 
to include a list of banned email address, either via an included value from 
Defaults.py or by hardcoding the values into to the above array?

self.ban_list = [ 'clueless at aol.com', 'bad_gui_design at aol.com' ]

What I am unclear of is whether this means that every message has to be 
scanned through this list or whether it would only apply to subscribe 

Another potential spot would be in "AddMember()".  Perhaps just adding a new 
function to MailList.py which checks if the address is in a global array and 
raises an error if this is the case?

If anyone has already cracked this or if there is already an existing function 
to support this please point me at the FAQ or docs.



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