[Mailman-Users] Retrieving list membership via email

Drew Tenenholz drew.tenenholz at isid.org
Wed May 2 22:07:42 CEST 2007

Mark --

Thanks for the confirmation.  I tested again, and the list moderator 
password retrieves the member roster via email while the list admin 
password gives the "You are not allowed..." result.  This is OK for 
me, since it is the moderators who have been asking for the 
subscriber list anyway.

Either password works from the /listinfo/listname page to show the 
subscribers on the web interface.

I am puzzled by the differences in behavior.  Should I be worried 
about something in the setup?

--Drew Tenenholz

Drew wrote:
>A message sent to listname-request at example.com with a body of "who"
>should return the list members. (FAQ 3.62)
>However, my list has 'private_roster' set to 'List Admin Only', and
>when (from a list owner email address) I send "who admin_password", I
>- Results:
>      You are not allowed to retrieve the list membership.
>Is this expected behavior?

And At 9:07 PM -0700 5/1/07, Mark Sapiro wrote:
>Assuming 'admin_password' above is the actual list admin or moderator
>password and not the user password of the admin, then no, it is not
>the expected behavior. If it is the user password of the admin, then
>it is the expected behavior.
>The password needs to be the list's admin or moderator password. The
>address you send the 'who' from and to which the results will be
>returned can be any address.
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