[Mailman-Users] Counting messages that went to postfix queue

D G Teed donald.teed at gmail.com
Fri May 4 16:19:10 CEST 2007

Hello again,

Another list, with 577 subscribers was sent out today.  I validated
the email addresses, removed one before subscribing with
an underscore in the domain name.  This time there are 6 addresses
which do not appear in /var/log/maillog (did a log rotate
just prior to the send to keep this easy to check).

For the check, I'm using this perl script findsender.pl:


I dump the subscribers reported by mailman to a temp file:

~mailman/bin/list_members mylistname | sort > /tmp/ott2

I check to see if each can be found in any sort of mention in maillog:

for person in `cat /tmp/ott2 `; do  ./findsender.pl $person /var/log/maillog
| grep 'Found 0' | cut -d' ' -f5 ; done

In case findsender.pl is flawed, I grep each of the ones it reports.

I guess my next step will be to try 2.1.9.  Are there any suggestions on how
safely do the upgrade on top of Redhat's 2.1.5 Mailman?  It is currently
a pilot with a few real lists, but I could always flip them back to
majordomo2 for awhile if needed.



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