[Mailman-Users] subscribing by mail

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Wed May 16 03:20:13 CEST 2007

Klaus Höring wrote:
>i want to subscribe some users to mailman by mail.
>1) is it possible to add the username to the list?

Not directly. You can only send a

subscribe [password] [digest|nodigest] [address=<address>]

to the list-request address and this acts as any other email subscribe
for that address. Note that the password is the initial password for
the subscriber, not an authorization.

>2) if i add the user by mail, the user receives an confirmation email.
>is it possible to disable this email?

If you set Privacy options...->Subscription rules->subscribe_policy to
"Require approval", the user won't receive a confirmation, but an
admin/moderator will have to approve the subscription (which can also
be done by email if admin_immed_notify is yes so you get the email
with the necessary confirmation token).

Alternatively, if you have access to mm_cfg.py, you can set


and then set subscribe_policy to None to bypass confirmation and
approval completely, but this is not recommended as it allows anyone
to subscribe anyone else to the list.

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