[Mailman-Users] HOWTO for easy subscribe/unsubscribe via a simple webform

peter pilsl pilsl at goldfisch.at
Wed May 16 11:51:58 CEST 2007

I run several mailman-lists for people with big distance to everything 
technical.  I noticed that almost noone subscribes using the standard 
subscription-procedure via mailman-webpages cause these forms are to complex for 
these users.

Lot of people have requested information about this topic in the last years, but 
I couldnt find a central source on solutions.

So I tried to develop a small HOWTO how to create a simple single-fielded 
webform to subscribe/unsubscribe to a list and customize the resulting webpages 
and (if you use it) confirmation-mails.

Unfortunately the Unsubscribe still gives me a headache. Creating a simple 
webform seems to be almost impossible, cause the unsubscribe-link needs to 
contain the users mailadress and does not respect the "confirmation needed for 
unsubscription"-settings in the list-options


And I didnt find a way to customize the unsubscribe-result-html-page

I would appreatiate if you would visit my HOWTO at


and maybe you can give information on the missing pieces or general feedback.


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