[Mailman-Users] problem with cron

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Wed May 16 16:26:26 CEST 2007

Nikos Gatsis wrote:
>You mean:
>0 12 * * * mailman /usr/lib/mailman/cron/senddigests -> 0 12 * * * 

Yes, that's exactly what I mean.

>All commands in cron are likewise... I have already delete them and 
>everything is OK.
>Why you put this "mailman" command in contab.in?

We do not put it there. It was put there by whoever created the Mailman
package (rpm, port, whatever) that you installed because it was
intended to be installed in a file in /etc/cron.d and not by the
crontab command.

Also, it is not a command. Files in /etc/cron.d, do not belong to a
specific user, so they need an extra field for the userid under which
to run. That's what the 'mailman' is in this file.

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