[Mailman-Users] Looking for professional help

Brian Carpenter brian at emwd.com
Thu May 17 13:51:48 CEST 2007

My installation of mailman is on a Linux box running cPanel/WHM. The os is
CentOS 4.4. It is not an apple machine. It seems to me that the patch is
looking for a Defaults.py.in file, which I don't have. I could be wrong
however in interpreting the error message.

I do appreciate any help you can provide.

Kind regards,
Brian Carpenter
EMWD -  Executive Officer

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On 5/16/07, Brian Carpenter wrote:

>  Apparently finding help, even paid help is another thing.

Well, in a sense you're getting what you're paying for.

I know you asked for paid consulting on this sort of thing, but I 
don't have the time to do that, and so far as I know, neither do any 
of the other principal people involved in developing or supporting 
Mailman.  I pointed you at the FAQ entry where we have the latest 
information that I know of on this subject.  If you're unable or 
unwilling to find help through those resources, I don't know that 
we're going to be able to do that much more for you.  If so, then it 
will most definitely be on an when-available basis.

>  I am trying to apply the htdig-2.1.9-0.1.patch to an already setup 
> mailman  installation. I am running blind here guys. Can someone give 
> a hand beside a  RTM or RTF answer?

You didn't tell us anything about your installation.  From your error 
messages, I would guess that you're trying to apply this on a machine 
running Mac OS X.  Is this Mac OS X Server?  If so, are you trying to 
apply to the Apple-provided version of Mailman on Mac OS X Server? 
If so, have you read the FAQ entry on that subject?

I think you're asking a lot of us, without providing us much useful 
information in the way of what platform you're working on, what 
software is already installed and where, etc....  We're not 
mind-readers.  If you want us to be able to help, you need to provide 
some minimal baseline information.

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