[Mailman-Users] TypeError: decoding Unicode is not supported

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Fri May 18 21:51:28 CEST 2007

James Davis wrote:
>It's an odd one... A search of Google and the archives shows that it's
>been discussed before but with no definitive answer. One user is having
>problems posting to a list. Mailman's error log shows the following
>error, the e-mail which caused the problem is also supplied below.
>Any idea what's causing this problem?

The shunted message is not the one causing the problem. It will happen
to every message from now on as the problem is caused by some prior
message in lists/<listname>/digest.mbox.

If you move the digest.mbox aside, the list will start processing again
and you can run bin/unshunt to process the shunted messages.

The "best way" to fix it is to edit the digest.mbox in place and fix
the offending message (which may have a Content-Type: header with
charset=Unicode instead of charset=utf-8), and then unshunt any
messages that were shunted due to this error.

If you just move digest.mbox aside and don't replace it, you'll lose a
digest. even if you do fix and replace it, you may wind up with and
'out of sequence' digest.

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