[Mailman-Users] single list has stopped workingwhileotherscontinue to work

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Tue May 22 06:36:00 CEST 2007

Wallace Winfrey wrote:
>Tt appears I was wrong about there being nothing out of the ordinary in
>the logs. I see the following (for example) in logs/vette whenever I
>post to the list:
>May 21 21:49:37 2007 (22417) Message discarded, msgid:
><4652684E.5060601 at cycling74.com>
>If I look in the maillog, these are definitely the same message ids of
>the messages I've been sending through and seeing, well, discarded.
>This happens when using bin/inject -l cycling74-announcements to put a
>message into the queue manually, as well -- it gets discarded.
>My apologies for not mentioning this earlier. I assumed that all entries
>in logs/vette would be preceded with the listname.


Here are the places in Mailman 2.1.5 where a message can be discarded.

   Any match of a (header,regexp) tuple coded in KNOWN_SPAMMERS in
   Any match on the list's Privacy options...->Spam
filters->header_filter_rules with a discard action.

   Any post from a moderated member if member_moderation_action is
   Any post from a non-member if generic_nonmember_action is discard or
the poster is in discard_these_nonmembers

The above discards by Moderate will be bypassed (not done) if the
message contains an Approved: header with a valid list admin or
moderator password.

   A message will be discarded if there is nothing left after content

Scrubber can also discard an HTML message if
mm_cfg.ARCHIVE_HTML_SANITIZER = 0, but in Mailman 2.1.5, Scrubber is
only invoked by archiving, so this wouldn't be the reason in your case.

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