[Mailman-Users] mailman aliases

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Wed May 23 06:08:10 CEST 2007

Christopher Adams wrote:

>Thanks,Mark. That helps explaining the purpose of the mailman list.
>All our lists use the form listname at wherever.com (wherever.com is the
>DEFAULT_EMAIL_HOST set in mm_cfg.py).
>In my Postfix aliases file, I have all the list aliases including
>aliases for the mailman list:
>## mailman mailing list
>mailman-admin:        "|/var/mailman/mail/mailman admin mailman"
>mailman-bounces:      "|/var/mailman/mail/mailman bounces mailman"
>mailman-confirm:      "|/var/mailman/mail/mailman confirm mailman"
>mailman-join:         "|/var/mailman/mail/mailman join mailman"
>mailman-leave:        "|/var/mailman/mail/mailman leave mailman"
>mailman-request:      "|/var/mailman/mail/mailman request mailman"
>mailman-subscribe:    "|/var/mailman/mail/mailman subscribe mailman"
>mailman-unsubscribe:  "|/var/mailman/mail/mailman unsubscribe mailman"
>So, in the general list info page, there is a line that says:
>If you are having trouble using the lists, please contact mailman at wherever.com
>Since that address is a post to the mailman mailing list, how does it
>actually get delivered anywhere?

The same as any other list. You subscribe the Mailman site admin(s) to
it and you set generic_nonmember_action to accept.

>I don't quite understand what you
>mean about the general listinfo and admin pages exposing the mailman@
>address in their own domain. I am unclear as to what that domain
>should be.

That doesn't apply in your case. I misunderstood your situation and
thought you had multiple virtual domains.

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