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Brad Knowles brad at shub-internet.org
Fri May 25 06:17:12 CEST 2007

On 5/24/07, carconni wrote:

>  I'm moving postfix's /var/spool to /mounted_file_share/mail/var/spool
>  and I've changed the path in the main.cf file to point to it.

Postfix is not designed to be used on a shared filesystem.  In fact, 
most shared filesystems violate some rules that most local 
filesystems follow, and even if you've only got the one machine that 
is accessing the data, the simple fact that it's on a shared 
filesystem will cause problems.

In short, I'd avoid this kind of solution like the plague, as far as 
postfix is concerned.  It may be okay to store certain types of user 
mailboxes out on NFS (or other shared filesystem type), but not the 
mail queues themselves.

>  Is there anyway to do this with mailman?  Can I move /var/mailman to
>  /mounted_file_share/var/mailman and is there a configuration file in
>  /usr/share/mailman that I should modify?

In contrast, Mailman is designed to be as NFS-compatible as possible, 
and so long as the underlying filesystem either operates as a normal 
local filesystem, or at least follows the same rules that NFS does, 
then you should be okay.

You should be able to move the entire /usr/local/mailman hierarchy 
out onto NFS, and Mailman should "just work" -- more or less.  There 
will be certain types of filesystem problems that even Mailman can't 
solve for you in those kinds of situations, but it will do as much as 
can be done.

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