[Mailman-Users] What happens to expired invitations?

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Wed May 30 06:27:17 CEST 2007

Carter Braxton wrote:

>How are expired invitations handled? Are they actually deleted from the pending database, or are they just marked as expired? If the latter is there any way to reactivate them?

When any pending item is added to the pending database
(lists/<listname>/pending.pck), the expiration time of that item is
recorded in the 'evictions' dictionary which is an attribute of the
pending database. Each time the pending database is updated, all
expired items are removed.

>I stupidly managed to send out some invites that wound up with an expiration of zero days -- didn't realize that when adding PENDING_REQUEST_LIFE to mm_cfg.py that this variable needs an arg of "days(10)" rather than just "10" to set a 10 day expiration time. Now people are being turned down trying to confirm invitations that have immediately expired. (D'oh!)
>(I expect it will be necessary to send replacement invitations now that the PENDING_REQUEST_LIFE variable is properly set, but thought I'd check first...)

I'm afraid so. If by chance, the database has not been updated since
the invitations were sent, it is theoretically possible to change the
expiration time of those invitation cookies remaining in the database
to a time in the future, but you'd have to manipulate the database
pickle at a very low level, since if you tried to do it using
Pending.Pending class methods, the remaining expired cookies would be
evicted as soon as you changed anything.

In any case, it would be easier to apologize and resend the invitations.

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