[Mailman-Users] Reporting

Tom Ray [Lists] lists at blazestudios.com
Thu Oct 25 18:07:54 CEST 2007

Mark Sapiro wrote:
> Tom Ray [Lists] wrote:
>> According to the report one list has 14,297 posts but according to the 
>> Post Count by Sender report 13,797 of those posts came from 
>> listname-request at . So does that mean that only 500 posts were made by 
>> members or are those 13,797 more then just commands from the members? I 
>> would appreciate a better explanation on that.
> This is a bug in Mailman pre 2.1.7 that logged the envelope sender of
> the outgoing message instead of the incoming message.
So I'm sure I'm understanding you correctly then  that some of those 
message could be valid posts made by members since this list was around 
since 2.1.4 or so?
>> Also, under the Hourly Summary of Message Sent report from the smtp log. 
>> The totals are based on how many email addresses the message was sent 
>> to, correct? So if a list has 250 members it counts each message per 
>> member? I know that it bundles the message per connection so a single 
>> SMTP connect could have 100 messages in it. I just want to make sure.
> Yes, you are correct. This comes from the smtp log and is the total
> number of recipients which depending on mm_cfg settings could be one
> smtp connection per recipient or a single smtp connection with a few
> smtp transactions with hundreds of recipients per transaction, or
> something in between. But the number is always the total recipients.
>> The problem is that my email server is being beaten in to the ground and 
>> it looks like this clients lists (they have 8 or so) are seeing a heavy 
>> increase in membership and frequency. I need to put numbers together so 
>> I can tell them they need to either get a dedicated list server or pay 
>> more (so I can upgrade!).
>> Any help would be great. I'm just a bit ignorant on the internal 
>> workings of MM but am learning. Plus I don't know Python from a hole in 
>> the ground so I'm leery about messing with code to much.
> The mmdsr report gives you post count per list and by sender, but due
> to the mailman bug in 2.1.6 and earlier, these are usually the same
> since the sender is list-bounces.
> It also gives the hourly summary of posts and of messages sent, the
> latter of which is really the number of recipients, not the number of
> smtp transactions or smtp connects.
> It does not give you messages sent by list. In order to get that, you
> need to look at the 'post' log to get the list and from information
> and the message-id and then get the corresponding message-id entry
> from the smtp log to get the number of recipients.
Thanks for the information. I'm tearing apart the post log because I 
want to get the total size of the message. Then I need to figure out how 
many emails where sent so I can figure out bandwidth usage. I mean if 
they send a 10K file to a list with 1,000 members that's a lot of 
bandwidth to send out.

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