[Mailman-Users] admin user passwords

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Wed Sep 5 01:46:56 CEST 2007

dhottinger at harrisonburg.k12.va.us wrote:

>Im trying to figure out how I may have more than one Admin users in  
>mailman.  I am running an antiquated version, and have over 90 mailing  
>lists in it.  Only one is advertised to public.  That list has an  
>admin user with a password, and another user with a different  
>password.  Ive looked through the different commands in /mailman/bin,  
>and looked at the web interface but cant find anything.  The reason  
>this has come up, a user that was designated to maintain another  
>mailing list accidently logged into the public one with the admin user  
>password and deleted a page of users.  Now I would like to have a user  
>that can only manage their mailing list, and only do membership  
>management.  Is this possible?

Not the "only do membership management" part.

Each list can have its own admin password and a separate moderator
password. These allow access respectively to the list's admin
interface and to the list's admindb interface. They do not allow
access to other list's pages unless they happen to be the same as the
respective password for the other list. These are set/changed via the
list's admin interface (or via /mailman/bin/change-pw).

In addition, there is one site password that allows access to every
list's admin and admindb pages and also allows list creation via the
web create page, and one site list creator password that allows only
list creation via the web create page. These are set by

The above applies to all Mailman 2.1.x versions. What is your
"antiquated version"?

Perhaps the admin who deleted users from the public list was given the
site password instead of her own list's admin password.

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