[Mailman-Users] Cannot send subscriptions to some of my lists

Thomas Ravn tot at infopaq.dk
Fri Sep 14 13:56:23 CEST 2007

Hi All,


I'm kind of new to this and I have a problem that really puzzles me. Our
Mailman server hold close to 100 lists and subscriptions are normally
made by sending e-mails using <listname>-join at mailman.infopaq.dk. All
the new lists that has been created are copies of a standard list and
have all their settings copied from this list.

I have some lists that has been in use for a long time (1-3 years) and
some of these won't accept subscription e-mails. E-mails to
<listname>-join at mailman.infopaq.dk to these lists simply disappear. No
pending request show up in the administration interface and the mails
don't bounce back. I have checked the settings (several times and also
had other people reviewing the settings) against some of the working
lists, but I cannot see any difference.

Any help or hints would be highly appreciated.


Kind regards

Thomas Ravn 


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