[Mailman-Users] Problem generating aliases file when using Postfix

Bob Eager rde at tavi.co.uk
Fri Sep 14 17:55:52 CEST 2007

I've recently set up Mailman and Postfix to handle a couple of lists. I did
hit one problem which I only managed to solve by a small amendment to the
Mailman code. It would be nice to know if there's a better way!

The scenario is this. Mailman runs on the same server as the main MTA,
running Postfix. There are *no* local users on this machine, apart from
'root', which is aliased elsewhere. In particular, the domain under which
Mailman runs (let's call it xxx.org.uk) is a Postfix virtual domain, again
with no local users. The machine's domain name is different (it handles mail
for seven domains).

When genaliases is run (either explicitly or otherwise) it generates a virtual
aliases file of the form:

user1 at xxx.org.uk		user1
user2 at xxx.org.uk		user2

etc. (this is in data/virtual-mailman). The problem is that the default domain
for the RHS on this table is (in Postfix terms) $mydomain, which is *not*
xxx.org.uk; it's another virtual domain. Thus there is no local delivery, and
the local alias file is never invoked to call up the Mailman components.

What this situation needs is for the table entries to look like:

user1 at xxx.org.uk		user1 at localmachine.my.domain
user2 at xxx.org.uk		user2 at localmachine.my.domain

so that the local aliases file gets used. I fixed this by modifying the
POSTFIX module to use an optional email host setting, then put a default
(null) for that in Defaults.py, and a setting value in mm_cfg.py.

Is there a better way that I've missed?


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