[Mailman-Users] Message templates not available to list-admins

Jeffrey Goldberg jeffrey at goldmark.org
Fri Sep 14 20:46:11 CEST 2007


One of my list admins (whom I've copied on this message) wanted to  
know what the default invitation message before sending out an  
invite.  It appears that this information is only available to those  
who have shell access to the mailman server. (I found it quickly in  

I suppose that she could have sent a test invitation to herself to an  
address that wasn't already a list member, but that's hardly the  
first thing that's going to jump into people's minds.

One of the great things about mailman is that it separates out  
various administrative functions.  But in this case, the separation  
isn't in the right place.  Those templates, either directly or in  
documentation, should be available to list-admins who don't have site  
admin nor shell access.

This isn't a big issue, and I could always simply make the templates  
directory readable through Apache, but it might be something for the  
team working on version 3 to consider.



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