[Mailman-Users] failing qrunner

Jaco Kroon jaco at kroon.co.za
Sat Sep 15 14:20:25 CEST 2007

Hi guys,

We've got a problem with a half-completed delivery run, somehow an
address with a ? at the end of the domain managed to get into the list
addresses, ie, something like: jaco at kroon.co.za? instead of just
jaco at kroon.co.za ... now exim drops the connection when it sees this
address, which means that none of the recipients in that run receives
the message.

Firstly, mailman should not have accepted that address, but this may
have been fixed (this is a rather old version, no, I can't upgrade it,
nor am I allowed to fix the exim config ... don't even bother asking).

What I want to know is how mailman handles the message delivery runs.
Afaik each message that needs to go out is stored in some location,
along with a list of recipients, so periodically mailman checks which
messages needs to go out, and to which recipients, and it then tries to
make those deliveries, removing the recipients that it successfully
delivers.  Is there a manual way to remove the problem-causing email
addy from this list for the particular message?  We've already removed
it from the main list so it won't cause issues in future but it's now
holding up the delivery of an already sent message.


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