[Mailman-Users] Where do I find mailman log file analysis tools

Rusty Wilson rustyw007 at yahoo.com
Mon Sep 17 15:08:36 CEST 2007

Hi all,

I'm trying to find a good (or even usable) mailman log file analyzer - but I'm not having any luck.

In my searching through the FAQ, the list archives, and sf.net I found references to:

1. sawmill (www.sawmill.net)
2. lire (www.logreport.org)
3. references to custom scripts (but could not find them)

My needs are pretty simple, so before I set off and write my own scripts, I thought I would check here first.

Right now - all I really need is something that will parse the "subscribe" log file so that I can report on things like:

1. how many people subscribed in a given time frame (week, month, ad-hoc)
2. how many people un-subscribed in a given time frame
3. how many people are "pending"
4. total subscribed, unsubsctibed, pending, etc...

There was a refernce in an email to scipts "in the archive" that may do this and/or more - but I have not found them in the list, or on sf.net

Can anyone get me pointed in the right direction - i dont see any need to re-invent what has most likely already been done...


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