[Mailman-Users] List Subscription Error

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Thu Sep 20 03:54:27 CEST 2007

M. Onur ERGiN wrote:
>Thanks for pointing to Python upgrade. That's probably the reason of the problem. 

It is the source of the deprecation warning, but that warning per se is
not the source of any other problem.

>  I guess, I have missed to stress on one point in my question :) Along with those mailman logs, no requests happen to be pending in the list admin view. A person submits subscription info to Mailman, and he doesn't receive any response. The admin doesn't recieve any subscription request/notification, either. So, the subscription request just disappears as if it has never been sent. 

That is a separate issue from the deprecation warning and the warning
is not the cause of the problem. Mailman adds the pending subscription
to the pending.pck file and sends the confirmation email prior to
raising the Errors.MMSubscribeNeedsConfirmation, so the deprecation
warning resulting from this is not the cause of the confirmation email
not being received.

Are any Mailman generated notices being received? If not, is
VirginRunner running?

If you download and run
<http://veenet.value.net/~msapiro/scripts/list_pending> (mirrored at
<http://fog.ccsf.edu/~msapiro/scripts/list_pending>, do you see the
pending subscription?

If you look in Mailman's smtp and smtp-failure logs, do you see
anything relating the the sending of the notice to the user?
>  Can I solve this problem by simply replacing some scripts with newer versions of them?

No. First, there are not currently any usable scripts that won't issue
this warning. Second, when Mailman 2.1.10 is ready, all it will do is
tell Python to supress the warning which won't change any behavior
except the logging of the message. Third, we don't yet know what the
problem is, but I suspect Mailman is successfully pending the
subscription (list_pending will tell) and is successfully generating
the user confirmation message, but that that message is still in the
virgin queue or there is some other delivery problem.

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