[Mailman-Users] Case Problem

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Wed Sep 26 02:22:22 CEST 2007

nozy osborne wrote:

>  Tpop3d = pop (incoming protocol) w/ LDAP Support

And how does this deliver to Mailman?

>  In the Mailing List Web UI I registered some email addresses in the "member list"
>  then when a member of that mailing list is posting on the mailing list
>  he/she often to redirect for an approval from the moderator/owner of the list,
>  and notify me that certain member of the mailing list
>  is under for approval of the moderator and presently not a member
>  of the list, how come? 

It the post is being held because the poster is not a list member, it
is because the member's exact email address does not appear in a
From:, Reply-To: or Sender: header of the incoming post and is not the
envelope sender of the post if your delivery to Mailman preserves the
envelope from information.

Not that 'exact email address' means identical except for case. E.g.,
If user at example.com is a list member and a post comes from
user at mail.example.com, it will be held unless user at mail.example.com is
also a list member (or in accept_these_nonmembers).

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