[Mailman-Users] Bounce Processing -- Disable/Removal Notification

Greg Sims greg at headingup.net
Sat Sep 29 21:33:11 CEST 2007

We have a newsletter type list that has been running for almost two years
now.  The list currently has 1,100 members who receive one email each
morning.  The Bounce Configuration page for this list is configured as
follows: Yes, 5.0, 30, 2, 7, Yes, Yes, Yes which I believe may be the
defaults.  The system is running under RedHat V4.


I ran the following command: grep 'score' /var/log/mailman/bounce and
received a list of 28 users that have records containing "(score 5.0 >=
5.0)".  I can see one duplicate email address in this list of 28 - most of
the records appear to be unique email addresses.  The dates on the records
cover a period of one week.  


It appears there are a number of candidates that could have their
subscriptions Disabled and/or Removed from the list.  I have been the list
admin for two years now and I have never received an email saying a list
member has been Disabled or Removed.  This seems odd based on what I am
seeing in the logs.  I do receive emails for bounce messages that fail
detection regularly.


Is it possible to see in a log (or through the online interface) when a user
is placed in Disabled status?  I would like to be able to grep this log and
see if anyone is being Disabled or Removed - this may confirm if there is
actually a problem or not.  Let's say looking at the logs reveals that list
members are not ever being Disabled or Removed - what is the next step to
debugging this problem?


Thank you in advance for your help!  Greg Sims



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