[Mailman-Users] Beginner questions

Chris Arnold carnold at electrichendrix.com
Sun Sep 30 14:06:18 CEST 2007

Mark Sapiro wrote:
> Chris Arnold wrote:
>> Heres where i am not understanding:
>> if
>> list mail is going first to the maim mail server machine, then it
>> needs to be told to relay all 10 addresses per list to the Mailman
>> machine.
>> I don't see how to do that on my mailserver. I can forward to email
>> addresses but i dont see how to forward to a machine.
> If I understand correctly from your prior posts, this is a zimbra
> configuration question that I can't answer.
> However, can you forward to an address at an IP instead of a domain.
> I.e. mail to listname at example.com goes to the main mail server and
> gets forwarded to listname@[] (or whatever the IP of the
> Mailman machine is)? With some MTAs, you'd need to specifically allow
> domain literals for this to work. I don't know if any incantation is
> required for Postfix or what it would be.
This did not let me use @192.168.x.x as it is complaining about the
syntax (not a .whatever)
> Alternatively, you can use aliases to deliver to a local mailbox on the
> main mail server, and use something like fetchmail on the Mailman
> machine to retrieve mail from the mail server mailbox and deliver it
> to Postfix.
I have gotten an answer from the zimbra forums on how to achieve this:
In the section

  Configuring Zimbra as the Primary System

I need to follow those steps for every email address that needs to be
routed to the mailman system.

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