[Mailman-Users] Phantom moderation pending requests & heldmsg files

Chris Waltham cwaltham at bowdoin.edu
Mon Apr 7 15:32:45 CEST 2008

A couple of weeks ago our Mailman 2.0 server crashed (a physical  
problem, it wasn't Mailman's fault!) and we had to upgrade to 2.1 in a  
real hurry. As a result, I had to copy the entire ~mailman/data  
directory... which may not have been such a good idea:

[mailman at list ~/data]$ ls -al | wc -l

There are a _lot_ of files prefixed with "heldmsg-" in the data  
directory, as you can see. There are entries all the way back to 2005,  
in fact! I realize that I'm going to have to deal with all those files  
at some stage, but I currently have another problem. A user  
administers a list called "ams-announce", and they are receiving  
emails with the subject "The AMS-announce at list.bowdoin.edu mailing  
list has 31 request(s) waiting for your consideration". However, when  
they or I go to the admin interface, there are no pending requests.  
The user has been getting the same message for more than a week now,  
always with the same amount (31) of pending messages but there are  
never actually any messages there for the admin to discard.

Oddly, there are no files prefixed with "heldmsg-ams-announce" in the / 
home/mailman/data directory, however I did grep for the string "ams- 
announce" in _all_ heldmsg files and there are many matches --  
virtually all of it looks like spam. I suppose, then, that I have two  

* how can I print how many moderation requests a list has pending, and  
is there a way to flush the pending requests from the command-line?  
(The FAQ entries deal with doing it via the web interface, before  
2.1.5's feature of "discard all messages")
* can I print a list of what lists have what files pending in the  
format of heldmsg-$listname-$msgID, so that I can cross-reference the  
files I have on the filesystem (many of which are really old) with  
what the lists think need to be delievered?

This is with a 2.1.9 server.



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