[Mailman-Users] Phantom moderation pending requests & heldmsg files

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Tue Apr 8 19:24:15 CEST 2008

Chris Waltham wrote:
>With the exception of 3-4 lists (out of 800+), I let the "make update"  
>command run so I presume that actually upgraded the lists. I think I  
>might just delete the holdmsg files en masse, I can't see why  
>(organizationally) I should need to keep them.

When you delete these files, it is better to use bin/discard as
discussed in
rather than just rm. This is because bin/discard actually removes the
held message from the requests.pck file (see below). However, if the
heldmsg-* file is an orphan, it won't be removed by bin/discard, so
you need to run bin/discard first and then rm any files left.

The problem with just removing the heldmsg-* file is if there are a
large number of held messages for a single list, the admindb CGI can
time out trying to create the held messages page, and just removing
the heldmsg-* files without also removing the request.pck entries
won't cure this time out.

>I think I did remove  
>pending_requests.db (or whatever it's called) when I did the upgrade,  
>but I think it was empty anyway.

You may be thinking of the global data/pending.db file, but this is
different. The items in that file if any were moved to the list
specific pending.pck file, and they are the confirmation tokens and
associated data for actions waiting confirmation, they are not the
actions waiting moderator approval which were in requests.db, now

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