[Mailman-Users] Attachments and blank messages

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Sat Apr 12 18:58:22 CEST 2008

Sciamano wrote:
>If this may help: to my MUA, the Excite user messages appear as
>multipart/mixed, with multipart/alternative content and Plain Text

For this message, pass_mime_types with 'multipart', 'message/rfc822'
and 'text/plain' only will deliver a message to the list which is a
multipart/mixed message with the original text/plain part(s). In
addition if msg_header and/or msg_footer are non-empty, thos will be
added as separate text plain parts.

>Messages from the "office" user, appear to me as multipart/mixed
>containing only Plain Text Documents.

And the above content filtering setting will not change this message.
The problem with this message is that the text/plain parts are
probably some kind of header followed by the original message body
followed by some kind of footer. Some MUAs will display the header as
the message and call the actual message an attachment. This same issue
can occur when Mailman adds msg_header as a separate part. There's
little if anything that can be done about this other than reading the
message with a more competent MUA.

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