[Mailman-Users] can't get "open" list to work

Stephen J. Turnbull stephen at xemacs.org
Sun Apr 13 01:33:29 CEST 2008

Mark Sapiro writes:

 > If something that looks like a 'request' is sent to the list posting
 > address, and the General Options administrivia setting is set to Yes,
 > that message is held for approval as a post, not as a request, so a
 > human can decide if it is a misdirected request or a valid post that
 > just happens to look like a request.
 > In no case is a request sent to the list posting address automatically
 > processed as a request.

It would be possible to try to detect and process these.  My former
list processor (IIRC, it was Majordomo) did that, and the first
non-default configuration I did was to disable it because two users
with broken procmailrcs sent "why can't I subscribe" messages to the
list.  I didn't see them, but they did result in multiple
subscriptions.  A good time was had by all ... not.

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