[Mailman-Users] Selected timed delivery

Dragon dragon at crimson-dragon.com
Mon Apr 14 17:06:08 CEST 2008

Judy Angel sent the message below at 03:53 4/14/2008:

>I have a request for mail from a mailing list to be delivered at off peak
>time, 21:00-08:00. I have set it up in digest, but this format was not well
>received, and it only delivers once a day. Is there any way to freeze the
>messages and only release at a given time?
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Mailman does not support any such functionality for individual posts. 
If you use the digest, you can edit the delivery time to what you 
want in mailman's crontab.

However, I seem to recall that if the size of the digest exceeds the 
limit set in Digest options digest_size_threshold a digest mail will 
be sent immediately. So in order to insure that the digest is only 
sent when you want it to go out, you will need to make that setting 
large enough to cover the volume of posting in the digest period.


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