[Mailman-Users] Again on HTML emails

Brad Knowles brad at shub-internet.org
Thu Apr 17 18:01:25 CEST 2008

Giulio Troccoli wrote:

> Now my problem is how do I send proper HTML formatted emails with a
> script? If anybody is willing to help me with that please email me, I
> don't want to spam the list with OT emails.

I'd suggest getting a MIME CLI toolkit that you can use.  Going to 
freshmeat.net and searching for MIME, the first hit I get is for "MIME-tool" 
at <http://freshmeat.net/projects/mime/>, which has the description:

	MIME-tool constructs MIME encoded messages with file

Further down the list, there is "MIME Email message class" at 
<http://freshmeat.net/projects/mimemessageclass/>, which has the description:

	The MIME Email message class composes and sends MIME encoded
	email messages. It features user-definable headers and body
	parts, support for plain text and HTML body, headers with
	non-ASCII text, HTML messages with embedded images, file
	attachments with content type detection, forwarding of
	messages as attachments, setting the error delivery address
	with the Return-Path header, and sub-classes for different
	delivery methods: mail, SMTP, Qmail, Sendmail, and Microsoft
	IIS or Exchange pickup folder. It also supports sending
	personalized bulk mail by replacing the message parts that
	differ for each recipient.

Then there's "Gmime" at <http://freshmeat.net/projects/gmime/>, with the 

	GMime is a library and set of utilities for parsing and
	creating messages using the Multipurpose Internet Mail
	Extension (MIME).

And "mbox.sh" at <http://freshmeat.net/projects/mboxsh/>:

	This shell script will extract all headers and bodies of a
	MIME email message recursively into a directory tree. It will
	also do the reverse operation, walking through a directory
	tree and regenerating a MIME email message. This script
	allows you to edit, delete, and add email message components
	as if they were files.

A more Pythonic answer is "MFMail" at <http://freshmeat.net/projects/mfmail/>:

	MFMail is a simple Python-program to mail one or more files from
	the command-line as a MIME-multipart message.

It didn't take long to find all these.  It took me much longer to type up 
the message and cut-n-paste URLs and descriptions.

Anyway, I know these aren't the only such toolkits, but you could at least 
start with these and see if one or more works for you.

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