[Mailman-Users] configuring sender account so that mail only getsdelivered to archive

bergenpeak at comcast.net bergenpeak at comcast.net
Mon Apr 28 23:10:34 CEST 2008

Thanks for the pointer.  

So I'm thinking about doing the " bin/config_list -i input_file test-list" to define a custom pipeline for the lists that I'd like this archive only behavior.

I've created a file called "input_file" that contains the "GLOBAL_PIPELINE = [" and ends with "'ToOutgoing', ]"


1) Do I need to start this file with any "import" info, etc or is extracting the above from Defaults.py and nothing else suffient?

2) Suggestions on where in this pipeline I add in this special Handler?   Should I define the new handler just before "ToOutgoing"?   (I'm assuming the "ToOutgoing" is the mechanism that actually causes the mail to be sent to the distro)

3) Is there an existing handler I can pattern match off that shows how to match info in the "from" field?

4) If I understand the pipelining, it seems as if this new handler just needs to match on the sender and then tell mailman to stop processing in the pipeline because the archiving happens above in the pipeline with the ToArchive.py handler.   In the new handler, what value should be returned to say that no further processing should be performed?

5) It seems I could just muck with the existing ToArchive.py to see if the mail is from this one sender and just return a "don't process further values" and not bother a new handler and tweaking the per list pipeline configs.   Thoughts?


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> bergenpeak at comcast.net wrote: 
> >Is there a way to configure a mail man distro so that when mail comes in from a 
> specific user, the mail is accepted and put into the archive but this mail does 
> not get sent to the actual distro? 
> Only with something like a custom handler 
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