[Mailman-Users] line returns missing

Michael Welch mwelch at redwoodalliance.org
Sun Aug 3 07:02:49 CEST 2008

Hi Mark.

Mark Sapiro wrote at 06:58 PM 8/2/2008:
>Example snipped but understood.

Hmmm, how'd it get snipped? It's all in the message I got from the list server.

>I have seen this behavior from Hotmail (MS Live Mail), and in that case
>at least, the problem is in the message as sent, but only in the
>text/plain alternative of a multipart/alternative message. The
>text/html part has proper line breaks. I've even reported it to
>Hotmail, but had no success in getting them to recognize the problem.
>So what I'm guessing is going on is that these users are posting
>multipart/alternative messages to your list, and content filtering is
>on with collapse_alternatives set to Yes, so only the (defective)
>text/plain part is sent to the list.

That makes sense and it is set to Yes, so this brings up the question, should I change it to No? Will this present any problems? I think I left all the content filtering set to the default.

>When these same people mail directly to recipients, the recipient's
>MUAs are set to render the text/html part so they never see the defect.
>If I am correct, the problem is in the sender's MUA which is composing
>messages with defective text/plain alternative parts.

Some supposedly full-featured MUAs, Outlook & Exchange, have been victims. 

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