[Mailman-Users] line returns missing

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Sun Aug 3 07:24:27 CEST 2008

Michael Welch wrote:
>Mark Sapiro wrote at 06:58 PM 8/2/2008:
>>Example snipped but understood.
>Hmmm, how'd it get snipped? It's all in the message I got from the list server.

I snipped it from my reply as I didn't think it needed repeating.

>>I have seen this behavior from Hotmail (MS Live Mail), and in that case
>>at least, the problem is in the message as sent, but only in the
>>text/plain alternative of a multipart/alternative message. The
>>text/html part has proper line breaks. I've even reported it to
>>Hotmail, but had no success in getting them to recognize the problem.
>>So what I'm guessing is going on is that these users are posting
>>multipart/alternative messages to your list, and content filtering is
>>on with collapse_alternatives set to Yes, so only the (defective)
>>text/plain part is sent to the list.
>That makes sense and it is set to Yes, so this brings up the question, should I change it to No? Will this present any problems? I think I left all the content filtering set to the default.

You would also have to add text/html to pass_mime_types, and then you
will be accepting html and forwarding it to your list members. It's up
to you whether you want to do that. Also, it's not certain my analysis
is correct so that may not "fix" the problem. And, even if I am
correct, it won't solve the problem for list members who set their
MUAs to prefer the text/plain alternative.

>>When these same people mail directly to recipients, the recipient's
>>MUAs are set to render the text/html part so they never see the defect.
>>If I am correct, the problem is in the sender's MUA which is composing
>>messages with defective text/plain alternative parts.
>Some supposedly full-featured MUAs, Outlook & Exchange, have been victims. 

Presumably you mean they see the run together posts from the list. What
I'm saying is the people with the broken MUAs don't think their MUAs
are broken because when they mail directly to individuals, the
individuals don't complain because the individual recipients see the
text/html alternative. They think Mailman is broken because Mailman's
content filtering removes the non-broken text/html part leaving only
the broken text/plain part.

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